UASOUnderactve Superior Obliques (ophthalmology)
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TABELA 1--Sistema de condu~ao na sobrevivencia de mudas (%) de morangueiros aos 15 e 30 dias apos Sistemas de Cultivares CV (%) condugao Campinas Guarani Pelican 15 dias Sobrevivencia (%) Uaso Suspenso 100,00 aA * 100,00 aA 100,00 aA 5 Convencional 93,30 aA 80,00 bB 86,60 bAB 30dias Uaso Suspenso 98,90 aA 96,60 aA 97,70 aA 35 Convencional 88,90 bA 64,40 bC 77,40 bB * Para cada periodo avaliado, medias seguidas de mesma lets minuscula na coluna e maiuscula na linha nao diferem entre si, pelo teste de Tukey, a 5% de probabilidade.
Before the advent of the colonial administration, the Maasai grazing areas extended from the Uaso Nyiro River in northeast Kenya right across the Rift Valley to the Tanganyika border to the southwest of the Rift, and beyond."
(56) One of the lasting legacies of Archer in the NFD was the survival of his name in the post which bore his name on the Uaso Nyiro River near Isiolo which later became part of the Eastern Province of Kenya.
Our destination thanks to Kenya Tourism Board, is Samburu Intrepids Luxury tented camp set on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro river.