UASSUnstable Adams Spectral Sequence (mathematics)
UASSUbiquitous Application and Security Service (conference; computational science)
UASSUnited Against Splogs & Scrapers
UASSUniversity of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden (Schmalkalden, Germany)
UASSUtah Agricultural Statistics Service (Salt Lake City, UT)
UASSUpper Air Sounding Systems (high-altitude sound projection)
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While small UASs will never completely replace larger manned or unmanned or adequately meet all airpower mission requirements, they can and will help satiate the demand for high-end systems at the tactical level.
requiring consent before collecting data via UASs, nor any requirement
(44.) For example, the acquisition of UASs would require working out the balance between UASs and conventional platforms.
In addition to the use of UASs, the atmospheric science community has for many years deployed tethered balloon systems (TBSs) for profiling the lower atmosphere.
UAS first acquired legal status in 1996 with total number of UASs originally being 60, but today that network consists of about 24 (Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, 2016).
The concept of using unmanned aerial systems (UASs) to transport equipment and supplies continues to gain momentum and widespread acceptance by Army leaders.
Hugenholtz, "Remote sensing of the environment with small unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), part 1: a review of progress and challenges," Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, vol.
Similarly, the benefits of the largest UASs were sold to tactical units, leading to the smallest UASs being launched from a Soldier's fingertips to deliver much needed visibility from the sky.
LCol Ron Dunn is director of Land Requirements at DND and he told CDR, "Commercially available UASs are making exponential advances in technology and capability." He explained, "Systems that can be easily purchased online, can carry sophisticated imaging equipment and easily be modified with components that increase range, endurance and security.
Earlier the Delhi Police in a statement said, "It has been reported that certain criminal, anti-social elements or terrorists, inimical to India may pose a threat to the safety of the general public, dignitaries and vital installations by the use of sub-conventional aerial platforms like para-gliders, para-motors, hang-gliders, UAVs, UASs, microlight aircrafts, remotely piloted aircrafts, hot air balloons, small size powered aircrafts, quadcopters or even by para-jumping from aircraft and others."
Improvements in communication equipment, cryptography, and lightweight materials have led to the current state of the multiple rotary-wing UASs, often referred to as "quadcopters," and extremely small fixed-wing UASs.