UATAUltra Ata
UATAUrban Arterial Trust Account (Washington Department of Transportation)
UATAUs Against the Archers (band)
UATAUltra Advanced Technology Attachment (aka Ultra DMA)
UATAUtah Athletic Trainers' Association
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The Gateway 500S PC, priced at $999, features an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.4GHz with Hyper-Threading, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 80GB of UATA 100 7200 RPM hard drive storage, a DVD-ROM drive, a CD-RW drive and a 17-inch color monitor (15.9" viewable).
I came across Uata one day on the beach and there was a pile of stuff next to her.
The available data support the conclusion that juveniles show a strong positive growth response to high light levels (Araus & Hogan, 1994), have much faster height growth rates in an abandoned cacao plantation than in old growth forest (Rich, 1986), and are abundant in 16-18-year-old secondary forests but scarce in neighboring old-growth forests on well-drained soil (Guarig uata et al., 1997).