UATSUrban Air Toxics Strategy (US EPA)
UATSUrban Area Transportation Study (various locations)
UATSUniversity Area Transportation Study (Seattle, WA)
UATSUpper Atmosphere Temperature Soundings
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In order to reliably display the ADS-B traffic, the GTS must be connected to either a GTX330ES transponder or a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) such as the Garmin GDL 90.
The GDL90 UAT also plays with the GTS systems and will give you the full range of ADS-B services.
One system will use the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT).
That's not to be confused with the UAT, or Universal Access Transceiver.
The 1090-ES and UAT handle the communication with ground stations and/or other aircraft in different ways.
But because it won't receive other ADS-B data, don't expect to see the same thing you would if you flew with a full-up UAT system similar to Garmin's existing GDL-90, a dedicated ADS-B system with full input and output capability.
Through the datalink, UAT receivers will also show Mode-C targets so, barring any antenna shadowing, you'll see every transponder-equipped thing there is to see.
For a serious ADS-B traffic solution right now that also meets the 2020 mandate, you'll need to write some checks and that means a 978 Mhz UAT box.
A UAT receiver such as Garmin's GDL 88 (or the Aspen and Free Flight equivalents) is a complete, mandate-ready ADS-B In/Out solution with good traffic capability.
A positive UAT gives you a head start on therapy; a negative UAT may not totally rule out suspected infection but, at least, the negative should not be because "I felt crappy and took some pills left over from when my kid had the flu." Any test that can be run on a serology bench will not take up micro lab space...
Both UAT are recommended by the IDSA and the ATS for CAP guidelines to augment other diagnostic strategies.
Pneumococcal UAT: S pneumoniae is the most common cause of CAP and a major pathogen in healthcare-associated pneumonia.