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UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAVUnmanned Air Vehicle
UAVUser Access Verification
UAVUnspecified Attribute Values
UAVUrban Activity Vehicle
UAVUnmanned Airborne Vehicle
UAVUrban Assault Vehicle
UAVUninhabited Air Vehicle
UAVUnmanned Aerospace Vehicle
UAVUnited American Veterans
UAVUniversity of Antelope Valley (Lancaster, CA)
UAVUnstoppable Allied Vanguards (gaming group)
UAVUnpiloted Aerial Vehicle (less common)
UAVUnoccupied Air Vehicle
UAVUser Antenna View
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The Chinese UAV market reached a total of CNY 13.6 billion by the end of 2017, with the consumer drone market reaching a total of CNY 7.9 billion, while the military UAV market reached a total of CNY 5.7 billion.
In spite of difference in target market, the two companies chose to cooperate in research, design, manufacture and marketing of UAV products, bringing the best of each other to offer the best possible UAV solutions for the market, to broaden market share for both parties and to boost the industry development.
The anti-radiation UAV developed by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) was first exhibited at the 2017 TADTE, and was compared to the Harpy anti-radiation weapon system.
The structure of the tokens with the UAV location information is shown in Fig.
It is the first UAV of the Mohajer series that is armed with a guided weapon system.
In order to study the dynamic performance of the eight-rotor UAV better, a relatively accurate mathematical model of the eight-rotor UAV must be established.
The key problem of UAV image rapid georeference is how to quickly calculate parameters C and F.
The Ministry clarified in a statement, "An Indian UAV, which was on a regular training mission inside the Indian Territory, lost contact with the ground control due to some technical problem and crossed over the LAC in the Sikkim Sector".
New users can order a standalone BlastMetriX UAV system that includes all necessary software for UAV surveying and blast design.
2.1.1 Rise in asymmetric conflicts leading to an ever increasing demand for ISR capabilities, thus auguring sustained demand for UAV Payloads
Israeli army announced Tuesday that one of its warplanes had "intercepted" an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over the coast of the Gaza Strip.