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UAWUnited Auto Workers (union)
UAWUnique Article Wizard (Internet marketing)
UAWUnited Automobile Workers
UAWUniverse At War (game)
UAWUnerwünschte Arzneimittelwirkung (German: Adverse Reaction Terminology, aka: ART)
UAWUnder Accumulator of Wealth
UAWUniversity of Akron, Wayne Campus
UAWUnited Agricultural Workers (Union)
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The UAW advocates a high road of common interests and shared success with employers.
The contract between the Detroit 3 and the UAW created a two-tier employment system for hourly workers.
UAW dissidents say wage concessions cannot solve the Big Three's problems.
That would be in addition to the 27,000 UAW jobs Ford had cut as of June.
Barnard includes well-known photographs just before and after the 1937 "Battle of the Overpass" in which Reuther, future UAW vice-president Richard Frankensteen, and other organizers were brutally beaten by a group of Ford "servicemen." (107-8) Altogether, the book features more than 75 images, mostly from the Reuther library, including photographs of pickets, sit-downers, demonstrations, parades, conventions, and of course key union leaders.
I've been often asked about what the UAW needs to concede in order to help the domestic vehicle manufacturers become more competitive.
1937 After a strike in Flint, Mich., the United Auto Workers (UAW) wins the right to organize General.
Because the UAW represents far more retirees than active workers, pensions and associated retirement benefits were key issues in the negotiations.
According to the September 25 Detroit Free Press, this "potentially explosive request" came up in talks about health care coverage between the UAW and General Motors Corporation and Chrysler Group.
* Provisions that mandate one worker be hired for every two retiring UAW workers, whether needed or not to support appropriate manning levels.
The stories are told by members of the Union of Australian Women (UAW), which was born after a Paris conference during 1944 where women from all walks of life strongly expressed their desire for peace and close cooperation.
In order to achieve the security of maintenance of membership and the dues check-off, the UAW consented to the no-strike pledge to avoid workplace disruptions and to maximize production for foreign battlefields.