UAoSUnited Aspects of Satan
UAoSUpper Avondale Oil Syndicate (UK)
UAoSUlster Agricultural Organisation Society (Portadown, Northern Ireland, UK)
UAoSUser Alliance for Open Systems
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some PRPs--counterintuitively, the most intransigent PRPs who await UAOs
direct PRPs to undertake cleanup efforts--and its reliance on UAOs as
(101.) Specifically, Part III explains that PRPs receiving UAOs may
months--EPA issued 1,705 UAOs to more than 5,400 PRPs.").
held that UAOs under [section] 106(a) do not constitute a 'civil
authorizing abatement actions, the requirements for seeking a UAO are
substantial endangerment." (81) A party receiving a UAO may not
rarely happens because refusing to comply with a lawful UAO can trigger
explained that a UAO compels a PRP to take action and incur costs and
that "[i]n terms of the burden it places on a party, a UAO is
The court therefore concluded that a UAO was a civil action and that it
While UAO recipients can bring cost recovery actions under section