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UB-92Universal Billing 1992 (medical)
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7) The UB-92 is the industry uniform billing form for institutional claims, adopted in 1992.
The problems associated with using ICD-9-CM codes and UB-92 data to determine complication rates are inherent and in many cases unresolvable.
With 150+ data connectors, including HL7, HIPAA 837 and UB-92 healthcare connectors, along with EDI, EDIFACT and SWIFT interchanges, Pervasive Business Integrator is a product that is agile, robust and powerful enough to support us as we grow rapidly in both our traditional and new markets.
2, which defines the LOA and gives examples and billing instructions for appropriately billing the LOA days on the UB-92.
The billing process begins with a download of data from the provider's information system, usually in the form of a print spool file containing the UB-92 or HCFA 1500 claims, and then the billing application analyzes each claim for completeness and accuracy of data.
We recommend beginning with the UB-92 and then working backward through the system.
All the commercial information systems most hospitals acquire for such profiling use the same basic data set - the UB-92 data set.
The Analyst(TM) allows users to drill down to the UB-92 level for any reported inpatient or ambulatory discharge in the state of Wisconsin, and aggregate the data to any level contained within the dataset.
Data Advantage has vast experience with multiple data sets: Medicare Inpatient and Outpatient, HCRIS Cost Reports, State Databases, UB-92 Claims data etc .
The charges for ancillary services received on these days are considered covered services and should be reported on the UB-92, but there is no provision for payment of these services.
for implementation of ClaimPack, claims processing software that automates data and image capture from complex paper and electronic HCFA and UB-92 claim forms.
HCFA will match the UB-92 to the MDS and generate reports for use by fiscal intermediaries during medical review of bills.