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UB40Unemployment Benefit form 40
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Perhaps they got carried away by the atmosphere because they then destroyed my personal UB40 favourite, a reggae version of the Chi-Lites' classic soul hit Homely Girl, by regretfully speeding up the tempo.
I believe there is a court case going on over the UB40 name and we don't want to be caught up in the middle of that.
Scott Stirling and Tina Crosby got engaged on stage in at a UB40 concert
To share the stage with such an iconic band as UB40 is an opportunity we could not refuse and we are looking forward to seeing everyone singing and dancing in Wrexham.
Robin introducing Homely Girl with "if you don't know this one we're all going home," had their devotees joining in with Duncan Campbell, the UB40 frontman since 2008.
Naming themselves after the unemployment benefit form, UB40 formed in 1978, before releasing their debut album 'Signing Off' in August 1980 - considered by many to be one of the greatest reggae albums ever released by a British band.
I don't want to be called just UB40 because I don't want people to get me mixed up with what I call the Dark Side.
All original tickets remain valid and we thank UB40 for their upmost support on the moving of this show.
etter to organisers, Debbie t, from Cardiff, described r husband was confronted pen drug use in the men's and the pair did not see a horse on the track during ntire visit because of their ce from the racecourse he added: "We left immedily after the last race as we lt that trying to actually see UB40 would be an impossible task.
1983 Red Red Wine - UB40 THIS song was written, performed and originally recorded by American artist Neil Diamond in 1968.
THREE of the original members of reggae act UB40 are coming to Ireland this autumn in a new band.