UBASUniversity of Birmingham Air Squadron (Royal Air Force; UK)
UBASUrea Based Ammonia System
UBASUnder Bonnet Alarm Switch
UBASUniversity of Birmingham Astronomical Society (UK)
UBASUnder Body Armour Shirt (British military clothing)
UBASUniversity Burger Appreciation Society (Perth, Australia)
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Although UBAS is a marker of liver function in general, for the purposes of this study, we looked at the relationship between elevated UBAS and Hepatitis C infection, which is a growing concern of life and disability insurers.
Additional technical information about the performance of UBAS can be found in an article titled: "An Analysis of UBAS as a Urinary Liver Function Marker," published on the Knowledge Digest website (www.
Like Calypte's urine-based HIV-1 test, Marukin's UBAS assay is based on a non-invasive, randomly collected urine sample and, unlike blood tests, does not require that a patient fast prior to taking the test.
UBAS is a strategic partnership between the DILG, faith-based organizations and Liga ng mga Barangay to promote good governance and sustainable development in the grassroots level.
From the implementation until the delivery of services to the concerned LGUs, UBAS will give the religious sector the power to keep track of the fund distribution.