UBBSUniversity of Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland (aka The University of Swaziland)
UBBSUnion for Bradford and Bingley Staff (trade union; UK)
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In 2017, members of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) have made a total of 5,130,000 hectoliters of beer, with 50,820 hectoliters less than 2016th, the association said.
This gives indications that the market is becoming more saturated and the forecasts for 2018 have to be moderate, "said Ivana Radomirova, Executive Director of UBB.
These instruments are known as unsecured bank bonds (UBBs).
If multiple UBBs are not economically sustainable, infrastructure sharing or consolidation may well produce a UBB access utility in the same way that telephone utilities were formed over 100 years ago.
Ultrabroadband (UBB) will provide customers with extraordinarily high speeds: the working definition of UBB is 10 times the top current speed of 100 mbps, or one gigabit per second (1gbps).
I formed neural net training sets by taking all recorded IBBs and a similar number of UBBs chosen at random from all the available events.
For the entire 1998 season, the neural net classifier correctly labels almost ninety percent of UBBs and ninety-four percent of IBBs.