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UBE1ubiquitin activating enzyme E1
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The El activating enzyme UBE1 (Boston Biochem, Boston, MA), E2 conjugating enzyme UbcH5b (Boston Biochem), Flag ubiquitin (Boston Biochem), Hdm2 (Boston Biochem), and His-pCAF (Proteinone, Rockville, MD) were all obtained commercially.
Lenski et al., "Rare missense and synonymous variants in UBE1 are associated with X-linked infantile spinal muscular atrophy," American Journal of Human Genetics, vol.
Four genes--AARS (alanyl-tRNA synthetase), PINK1 (PTEN-inducible kinase 1), SNCB ([beta]-synuclein) and UBE1 (ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1)--were present in all six sets of common DE genes.