UBGLUnder-Barrel Grenade Launchers (weapon)
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The UBGL and UBGL-1 fire Vog-25 standard grenades and are aimed at Arsenal and AK assault rifles, the former being compatible also with the Galil 5.
He said the arms and ammunition recovered include 60 kg of RDX, 2 kg of unidentified explosives, one kg of Russian marking explosive, one AK series rifle, one plain rifle, three 12-bore rifles, two pistols, 43 hand grenades, three rocket projectile grenades (RPGs), 40 detonators and 19 UBGL grenade.
Seven AK- 47 rifles, four pistols, one sniper rifle, 20 UBGL grenades, two radio- sets and other war- like stores, medicines and food items recovered
The seized arms and explosives included two 51mm Mortar HE Bombs, two UBGL grenade, one country-made pistol, one grenade 36, two tube launchings, 30 electric detonators, 10 rounds of 7.
Two AK- 47 rifles, five Ak magazines, six AK rounds, two Chinese pistols, two pistol rounds, one UBGL, three UBGL grenades and four hand grenades were recovered from the encounter site," a police spokesman said.
Militants also fired an UBGL RD which got blasted in DPL ground, no injuries have been mentioned so far.
According to him, two AK- 47 rifles with eight magazines and 214 rounds, one Chinese pistol with three magazines and 15 rounds, a solar charger, two radio sets, a GPS, a satellite phone charger, a sophisticated compass, two UBGL grenades, one binoculars, two hand grenades, medicines and eatables were found on the bodies.
A total of 108 grenades, 10 kg of RDX, a UMG, four wireless sets, two anti- tank mines, 13 mortar shells, 51 AGL grenades, 57 hand grenades and 42 UBGL grenades have been seized.
Militants also fired an UBGL RD which got blasted in DPL ground; no injuries have been mentioned so far.
The suspected area was cordoned off immediately and he was caught and one pistol, one pistol Meg, five pistol rounds and two UBGL grenades were recovered from him.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of UBGL (FOR RIF 5.
The operation has now been declared closed with the forces recovering three AK, one UBGL, 18 AK Magazines etc.