UBHCUniversity Behavioral HealthCare
UBHCUnburned Hydrocarbons
UBHCUniversity Behavioral Healthcare Center (Piscataway, NJ)
UBHCUnited Brethren Historical Center (Huntington University; Indiana)
UBHCUpper Bundle Hydraulic Cleaning
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Throughout the course of brief treatment at UBHC, clinicians and psychiatrists frequently communicate with the PCP about the patient.
In the year before UBHC's establishment, 109 new patients were accepted into the part-time psychiatrists' practice.
* 5% elected to receive only therapy and completed their treatment at UBHC once they were stabilized.
PCPs have reported considerable satisfaction with the ease of UBHC's referral process and promptness of initial contact, as well as the frequent communication and collaboration.
As a developing program, UBHC has the potential to expand its scope of services as well as its staff and service volume.
Betsy Haines, M.D., a psychiatrist at UBHC and the project manager for electronic medical records, says that to initially define the "content" of the system, "we assembled people from all parts of the behavioral system, and built it around an integrated assessment.
By using an internal messaging system, "a user can select an individual clinician, type him or her a note about a patient, and This is especially valuable on weekends when a patient who is normally seen at one facility walks into UBHC's emergency room.
A similar monitoring process is under way at UBHC, says Blakeslee.
Because the organization's goal is 100 percent compliance on documentation, UBHC has established monetary incentives for clinician productivity.
Training the staff at UBHC became a major challenge, recalls Haines.