UBINIGUnnayan Bikalper Nitinirdharoni Gobeshona (Bengali: Policy Research for Development Alternative; Bangladesh)
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Shortly after the conference, UBINIG shared the story of one patient and the midwives who helped her On a festival day, 26-year old Shahana, pregnant with her second child, started to experience labour pains.
Her safe delivery came about thanks to the help of midwives who live and work in the community, and to the bicycle and boat ambulances provided by PWRDF and UBINIG.
1) UBINIG is the abbreviation of its Bengali name Unnayan Bikalper Nitinirdharoni Gobeshona.
The PWRDF has partnered with the Canadian International Development Agency and UBINIG to provide enhanced training for these attendants, and better access to prenatal, neonatal and child health care in 15 selected Bangladeshi districts, each with its distinct culture, language, food and geographical conditions.
Farida Akhter is the executive director of UBINIG (Policy Research for Development Alternatives) in Bangladesh, an organization that works with rural and urban women.
UBINIG, Policy Research and Development Alternatives in Bangladesh, and Gami Seva Sevana in Sri Lanka, effectively campaign against genetically modified food and its disastrous effects on food sovereignty, health and the environment.
The fund also sent $22,000 to UBINIG, the acronym of a Dhaka-based agency that is providing food, clothing, agriculture and fishing aid to families whose houses, farms and fishing equipment were wiped out by monsoon floods in Bangladesh.