UBISUlster Bank Investment Services (Ireland)
UBISUltrasound Bone Imaging Scanner (medical instrument)
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UBIS provides investment and investment related services to individuals, corporates and institutions.
In this study, using a representative sample of New York State (NYS) facilities, we examined the relationships between these work environment measures and risk-adjusted outcomes for PUs and UBIs, controlling for other facility characteristics.
The reason we focused on LTC residents is because the prevalence of PUs and UBIs among them is likely to reflect the quality of care provided in the NH.
Based on literature review, we identified separate sets of individual-level risk adjustors for PUs and UBIs (Berlowitz et al.
First, we selected risk adjustors for PUs and UBIs. We then fit generalized estimating equation (GEE) models to investigate the relationship between selected work attributes and risk-adjusted outcomes.
Using the selected risk-adjustors, from step 1, GEE models with robust standard errors were fit to examine the relationships between work environment and the risk of PUs and UBIs, accounting for clustering at the facility level.
The effects of individual-level risk factors on PUs and UBIs are shown in Tables 2 and 3, respectively.
With regard to other facility characteristics, we found a statistically significant association between NHs located downstate and PUs (OR = 1.437; p = .004), but not for UBIs.
Pressure ulcers (PU) and urinary/bowel incontinence (UBI) are considered to be important quality indicators in NHs because they are closely related to quality of life, the risk of additional comorbidities and hospitalizations, and death (Berlowitz et al.
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