UBMCUniversity of Birmingham Mountaineering Club (UK)
UBMCUpper Blackfoot Mining Complex (Montana Department of Environmental Quality)
UBMCUniversity of Bristol Mountaineering Club (Bristol, England, UK)
UBMCUniversity of Bradford Management Centre (UK)
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I refer to this as generating a 2BBMC (a forecasted picture of a firm's UBMC), which is similar to the methodology Steve Blank proposes for startups.
Upcoming designs will leverage National's expertise in power management to provide support for 802.3af (CAT5 in-line power) as well as National's baseboard management controller (uBMC) to enhance and increase the reliability of the switch system by providing real-time feedback on environmental conditions within the switch box.
Tenders are invited for Laying of interlock near ubmc school bokkapattana, boluru ward no.28 under mcc limits