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UBRUnspecified Bit Rate (ATM)
UBRUddi Business Registry
UBRUniversal Broadband Router
UBRUnspecified Bit Rate
UBRUniversal Broadband Router (cable modems)
UBRUltimate Breakfast Round (trademark of Rich's Foodservice)
UBRUniversal Business Registry
UBRUniversity Boat Race (UK)
UBRUndefined Bit Rate (ATM)
UBRUbiquitin-Protein Ligase E3 Component N-Recognin
UBRUnion of Belarus and Russia
UBRUsage-Based Reading (software design inspections)
UBRUnsatisfactory Business Relationship
UBRUnfocused Boss Rambling
UBRUnique Backup Requirement
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Based on the above similarity, the use -resource interest matrix UBR is described by:
Charlies Toogood believes it might be a fairer if the increase in the UBR were linked to economic growth
* Dynamic bandwidth allocation allows access to unused bandwidth in the network particularly for ABR and UBR VCC's to achieve and improved level of performance.
To study the above mentioned aspects more systematically two schemes should be compared: (a) traffic segregation between CBR and UBR and (b) corresponding separate dimensioning and traffic integration under priority queuing, where CBR traffic compared to UBR is prioritised.
In the meantime a fully operational system has been installed at Unilever Bestfoods Robertsons (UBR Foods) in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
"As you know, councils have no power to vary the UBR. As you know also, the UBR could be raised higher than the RPI in Scotland, which this Goverment has chosen not to do.
The rateable values of business premises will be reassessed before 2000, and with the new business rates (UBR) being payable in that year, businesses should start to consider the impact a large increase might have on their profitability.
Although the Welsh business rate for 2017-18 is yet to be announced, a summary of the 2017 revaluation assessments published by the Valuation Office Agency implies a universal business rate (UBR) of 52p, up from 48.6p this year, according to Gerald Eve.