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UBSAUniversity of Ballarat Student Association (Australia)
UBSAUrbanizadora del Bajio, SA (Spanish: Developer of the Bajio, SA; construction company; Bajio, Mexico)
UBSAUniversity of Bath Staff Association (Bath, UK)
UBSAUniversity Biological Safety Adviser (various universities; UK)
UBSAUpper-Band Sub-Array
UBSAUnited Business School Association
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The UBSA realized, however, that intercollegiate sports was the one area in campus life in which African Americans had leverage.
Edwards, representing the UBSA, attended two meetings (see Figure 4), and according to Clark he "acted responsibly" (H.
After listening to all sides, Clark, in an unprecedented move, read a decision recorded in a statement from the meetings to the UBSA for its members' reaction (H.