UBSCUnited Banks Service Company (Colorado)
UBSCUniversity of Bristol Sailing Club (UK)
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In the data fusion based distributed UBSC system, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is treated as exploitable cooperating signals instead of interference, as illustrated in Fig.
Compared to the traditional distributed UBSC schemes, the weighted based data fusion scheme could achieve the same performance without imposing additional information exchange, except that the information was exchanged using the backhaul.
Hence, the WC processing at the anchor BS with the proposed pilot-aided distributed UBSC system can be described as:
In this section, Monte Carlo simulations have been carried out in order to investigate the attainable performance of the proposed DE assisted weighted data fusion scheme in UBSC systems.
7, we investigate the performance of the proposed DE based weighted data fusion scheme in UBSC systems.
To see the effect of changes in these parameters on UBSC for the domestic firm, consider a decrease in [z.
If the away government's subsidy prompts the home government to subsidize the domestic firm as well, then the domestic firm's UBSC profit still falls, but the home subsidy causes the domestic firm to increase its quality causing an increase in profit from the improved quality.
1, UBSC is downward sloping because quality improvements in the competitor's product cause the domestic firm to sell less and cut margin (price) in both markets.
To display how profit can fall from the Base case to the Dual case, Table A1 breaks down profit into two categories: UBSC and profit from quality improvement.
The UBSC series are compliant with standard JEDEC assembly rules, making the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations.