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Telescopes 10-inch and larger 8 3 Wide-field telescopes 5 2 Northern-Hemisphere sites 2 1 Southern-Hemisphere sites 1 0 Easy mode Yes No Advanced mode Yes Yes Direct control Yes Yes Schedule for later (unattended) Yes Yes Live monitoring Yes Yes Color imaging Yes Yes Monochrome imaging Yes Yes Narrowband imaging Yes Yes Photometry UBVRI filters No Exclusive ownership of data Yes Yes Data formats FITS, JPEG, FITS FITS calibration FITS calibration Approximate cost $37/hour Negotiated (12- to 15-inch telescope) * Promotional discount rn early 2010; check website for details.
In January Smits had one week of observing time on the 1.0m telescope at Sutherland during which he did differential UBVRI photometry on BR Hyi, a star that has tentatively been classified as a delta Scuti variable.
Landolt, "UBVRI photometric standard stars around the celestial equator," Astronomical Journal, vol.
The ones most commonly used within the amateur community are the Johnson-Cousins UBVRI filters.
You can choose standard UBVRI photometric filters or red, blue, and green filters for tricolor astro imaging.
Landolt's UBVRI Photometric Standards Around the Celestial Equator), though a few are unabashedly general (such as Dorrit Hoffleit and Wayne H.