UBZUmwelt Bildungs Zentrum (German: Environmental Education Center; Styria, Austria)
UBZUpper Border Zone (mineralogy)
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Hard on the heels of the 1994 liquidation of Zambia Airways has come the liquidation of the United Bus Company of Zambia (UBZ), leaving a further 1,000 employees redundant.
BIG -TIME MATE S: Tinie was desperate to share the chart success of Tinchy, Chipmunk an d N -D ubz
Baerostab UBZ 7955 is a high efficiency, liquid Ba/Zn product designed for calendering, extrusion, and injection molding applications, and reportedly providing both good clarity and excellent hold.
J693 ULS R478 GGA T747 UOC S872 RGA M666DOL H342 DRP ST03 SPU P573 KMS N835 ESG UBZ 6065
Recently released products include Baerostab BCR 361 D, a high-efficiency, liquid Ba/Cd stabilizer that uses plasticizer as a carrier system and is suited for extrusion and calendering applications; and Baerostab UBZ 7951 D, a high-efficiency, liquid Ba/Zn product designed for calendering, extrusion, and injection molding applications.
Liquid barium/zinc-based stabilizers added to the Baerostab UBZ series include high-efficiency systems for clear and pigmented and white and light-pigmented formulations used for extrusion, injection molding, and calendering; cost-efficient systems for flexible extrusion and injection molding compounds; high-efficiency systems for flexible and semirigid clear and pigmented calendered film and sheet, extrusion, and injection molding; mixtures with hydrolysis-resistant phosphite for better odor properties; and a high-efficiency system for general-purpose plastisols and flooring topcoats.
Baerostab UBZ 709 is a cost-efficient liquid Ba/Zn said to provide good clarity and color for wire jacketing and general-purpose flexible compounds.