UC-EBGUni-Planar Compact Electromagnetic Bandgap
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Guo, "Mutual coupling reduction in microstrip antennas by using dual layer uniplanar compact EBG (UC-EBG) structure," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT), 180-183, 2010.
UC-EBG structures are essentially periodic frequency selective surfaces (FSS) [23-25] printed on ground backed dielectric slabs.
The unit cell size of UC-EBG structures can be scaled.
Based on the parametric study, the tailoring guidelines for reducing the spectral distance (d) between AMC point and pole, which is also the guidelines for designing UC-EBG structures with simultaneous AMC and EBG properties, can be summarize as following:
In [31], the integration of an array of UC-EBG with an antenna array operating at 12.2 GHz reduced the mutual coupling to--39 dB.
A split-ring slotted electromagnetic bandgap (SRS-EBG) based on the uniplanar compact EBG (UC-EBG) concept is presented.