UC-PBGUni-Planar Compact Photonic Bandgap
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The typical UC-PBG unit cell model and simulation setup of the structure are depicted in Figure 1.
In order to bend the UC-PBG structure, a CST Microwave Studio "bend sheet" tool was used along with "thicken sheet".
[] The bended UC-PBG should be considered as a non-periodic structure since periodic boundary conditions will lead to a non realistic model.
The performance of the conventional UC-PBG structure operating as an AMC was investigated under different bending extents.
describe (15) an improved low profile cavity-backed slot (CBS) antenna loaded with a 2D UC-PBG reflector.
introduced (16) a novel UC-PBG structure by stacking two (or more) UC-PBG plates in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the substrate.
It can be seen that the parallel-plate mode in a CB-CPW with UC-PBG is significantly suppressed.
Itoh, "A Novel TEM Waveguide Using Uniplanar Compact Photonic Bandgap (UC-PBG) Structure," IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol.
The UC-PBG structure (25) is used in the ground plane of a low pass filter (LPF), as shown in Figure 18.
The well-matched microstrip on the UC-PBG ground plane is suited as a low loss transmission line.
On the other hand, the UC-PBG filter provides a spurious suppression of 30 to 40 dB.
* The use of UC-PBGS in a conventional BPF suppresses the second and third harmonics significantly.