UC2Unified Communications and Collaboration
UC2Unified Communications & Collaboration (IBM)
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In the second exclusion trial, the US2 was a dictated word (/tiba/) and the comparison stimuli were the defined objects (DC2 and DC3) and UC2. In the first learning probe (Type 2, without mask), the US4 was a spoken word (/bugu/) and the Cos were UC5, DC1 and UC2.
(v) If [rho] is homogeneous (e.g, it is a norm), then all the conditions (UC1), (UC2), (UUC1), and (UUC2) are equivalent and [[delta].sub.1](r,2[epsilon]) = [[delta].sub.1](1,2[epsilon]) = [[delta].sub.2](1, [epsilon]) = [[delta].sub.2](r,[epsilon]).
que propicien la difusion, la comunicacion, la discusion, Novel Experimen Sig la reflexion, el intercambio del tado conocimiento cientifico y de sus progresos, asi como la propia formacion docente e investigadora UC2.1.Propiciar la participacion de los 2,80 3,36 0,015 colaboradores/companeros 1<2 UC2.2.Participar en la gestion de cursos, 2,69 3,29 0,007 congresos, seminarios, ...
For the implementation of use case uc2 (upload lattice) the CREASE tool simply needs to invoke the web services provided by the VCAA Virtual Campus using the WSDL web services provided by VCAA Virtual Campus.
A unique feature in Huawei's latest eSpace UC2.0 solution is that its modern UC platforms enable the use of video to communicate with one another via mobile devices.
The pilot was used to implement three use cases: (UC1) a traditional demand response event, (UC2) a price based load response event and (UC3) the verification of load shed with real-time meter telemetry.
UCl I talk up [my union] to my friends as a great UC2 organization to be a member of I feel a sense of pride being a part of the union.
UC2: Uncertainties related to the settlement of disputes inhibit our organization from procuring materials/products through e-market
Furthermore, this figure provides the limits of the confidence interval (LC2 and UC2), the non-centrality parameter and the power of the test (POWER).
(f) (UC2) (0.72) How confident are you in your ability to make future decisions regarding ...: (e) ...
5), three deepening surfaces were recognized in the Cenomanian carbonates and interpreted as sequence boundaries UC2, UC3, and UC4 (Grafe and Wendler, 2003, fig.
Is anyone going to buy UC when UC2 is around the corner?