UC3MUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid
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It is estimated that between approximately 20 and 30 per cent of delays in Europe are related to the weather, with estimated losses of around 180-200 million euros a year," explains lecturer Manuel Soler Arnedo, head of the TBO-Met project at the UC3M. In fact, in just 2017, losses of 215 million euros were estimated for the 2.1 million minutes of delay time caused by extreme weather conditions.
The study, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, was carried out by researchers from UC3M in collaboration with the National Scientific Agency of Australia CSIRO; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE); University of California in San Diego (USA); Monash University (Australia) and Stanford University (USA).
Javier Rodriguez, professor in UC3M's Department of Thermal and Fluids Engineering said that expansion and compression waves appear in the first phase, which causes the gas cavities (bubbles) to burst at the bottom of the bottle.
"As opposed to the static vision of a social network, our study seeks to understand when and how social relations are produced," said Esteban Moro, professor of mathematics at UC3M.
"In addition to the desired technological advances, we are working with basic aspects of multidisciplinary research in order to give the robotic hand system advanced perception capabilities, high level information control and elements of intelligence that would allow it to recognize objects and the context of actions," explained the head researcher on the UC3M team working on this project, Mohamed Abderrahim, of the Madrid university's Department of Systems Engineering and Automation.
La tercera subred (2.3) la componen autores de la UC3M liderados por Sanz-Casado.
Rupert Harrison, IFS and UCL; Jordi Jaumandreu, UC3M; Jacques Mairesse, NBER and INSEE-CREST; and Bettina Peters, ZEW, "Does Innovation Stimulate Employment?
An international scientific study, in which the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) has participated, has concluded that consumers are a lot more predictable than they seem as it is quite possible to foretell where they are going to buy in the future by looking at their past shopping patterns.
The UC3M dataset also collects data from a virtual machine that was used in a C programming course.