UCATUTC (Unit Type Code) Capability and Assessment Tool
UCATUtah College of Applied Technology (Salt Lake City, UT)
UCATUlster County Area Transit
UCATUE&C Catalytic, Inc.
UCATUniversity Computing and Telecommunications (various locations)
UCATUser Catalogue (IBM OS/390)
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The Education Commission of the States named Florida and Utah as joint winners of the 2005 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation, mentioning UCAT among Utah's exemplary programs.
The construction workers' union UCAT blamed problems on major builders sub-contracting to smaller firms who cut corners.
The school was previously sponsored by the college along with UCAT (University of Chester Academies Trust), the University of Liverpool, Wirral Metropolitan College and Wirral Council.
It will develop and supply all catalysts, including: UCAT Conventional, ACCLAIM Advanced Unimodal, XCAT Metallocene and PRODIGY Bimodal Catalysts.
She told the tribunal that she was sacked because of her activities with the UCAT trade union.
Dr Colin Hankinson, chief executive designate of UCAT, said: "Our aspirations are clear which is to ensure our young people are given the very best educational opportunities.
Michael Kiddle, Regional Organiser for construction union UCAT, said that accidents of this kind are unacceptable.
El trabajo se constituyo en un proyecto de grado de la carrera Licenciatura en Administracion, mencion Informatica Gerencial de la UCAT, inscrito como proyecto de investigacion en el programa Calidad y Productividad Organizacional de la UNET, en el que se desarrollan proyectos interinstitucionales en las lineas gerencia empresarial, ingenieria de metodos, emprendeduria y finanzas, con base en la micro, PyME y gran empresa.
In October and December 2002, Martin and Grissetti determined, and reported to UCAT president Dr.
Estudios de Especializacion en Derecho del Trabajo en la UCAT y UCV (en curso) Abogado asociado del Departamento Laboral del Despacho de Abogados Miembro de la Firma Internacional de Abogados BAKER & MCKENZIE.
BUILDERS union UCAT say that the safety of builders is more important than a dress code.