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UCBUniversidad Catolica Boliviana (Spanish; Bolivian Catholic University; Bolivia)
UCBUniversity of California, Berkeley
UCBUpright Citizens Brigade
UCBUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
UCBUniversidade Católica de Brasilia (Brazil)
UCBUmwelt-Campus Birkenfeld (Germany)
UCBUnited Christian Broadcasters
UCBUniversal Cable Module
UCBUnited Colors of Benetton
UCBUnited California Bank
UCBUnited Colors of Benetton (fashion brand)
UCBUnited Cricket Board
UCBUnit Control Block
UCBUnion Chimique Belge (French; biopharmaceutical manufacturer; Brussels, Belgium)
UCBUnion de Crédit pour le Bâtiment (Belgium)
UCBUnemployment Compensation Benefits
UCBUniversity College of Belize
UCBUpper Confidence Bound
UCBUnited Carolina Bank
UCBUniversity Centre Barnsley (UK)
UCBUnit Code Browser
UCBUniversal Chess Board
UCBUniversal Commercial Bank
UCBUltraviolet Coronal Berkeley
UCBUniversidade Castello Branco (Castello Branco University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
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University of Birmingham vicechancellor Sir David Eastwood said: "We're one of the largest universities in the country and in UCB you have a really distinctive centre which knows what it's good at.
taking into account the holding of its affiliates) owned 5 937 205 UCB shares with voting rights, representing 3.
Neil Rippington, Dean of the College of Food at UCB, said: "We are thrilled to be launching the firstever UCB Young Chef of the Year competition.
For the past year, UCB has collaborated with Georgia Tech's Interoperability & Integration Innovation Lab (I3L) in using predictive analytics help address how to better fit medications to patients and positively impact patient care.
The DTE program at UCB is similar to the enriched experimental program at UIC in that students receive extensive preparation in social and moral development in their coursework.
Identify new drug targets and therapeutic classes in the UCB S.
The money generated by the sale will be used to repay debt and pursue strategic investments so as to accelerate growth and boost the drugs pipeline, UCB said.
However, strict license and accreditation procedures and high cord blood banking fee in private banks hampers the growth of global UCB banking market.
As part of the agreement, UCB can both develop and commercialise Biogen Idec's products in China.
The above milestones are a reason for UCB to confirm its expectations thatA CimziaA is on track to generate EURA 1.
Results: The K* level increased with lime and differed significantly between storage d 1 and 21, and between storage d 1 and 35 in both the UCB and ADB units.
Following the first successful transplant/treatment of a child with Fanconi's anaemia using his sibling's cryopreserved UCB, (8) many successful UCB transplants followed, leading to establishment of the first public cord blood bank (CBB) at the New York Blood Centre.