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In the proposed approach, the any given frequency band is adaptively divided into multiple subbands in consideration of the UCBFs number, then we can calculate the RCS utilizing the UCBFs generated at the highest frequency point in each subband, and the whole RCS data can be obtained by splicing the RCS data of each frequency subband.
(2) generating the UCBFs in frequency point [f.sub.H] and [f.sub.L], the total UCBFs number of all subblocks is
, [K.sub.HM] represent the UCBFs number of subblock 1, 2 *** M at frequency point [f.sub.H], and [K.sub.L1], [K.sub.L2], ...
The UCBFs after SVD retained at each subband were shown in Table 1.
The number of UCBFs after SVD at each frequency subband was shown in Table 2.
The proposed technique is based on the adaptive construction of the UCBFs over a wide frequency band.
Mittra, "Fast and efficient RCS computation over a wide frequency band using the "Universal" Characteristic Basis Functions (UCBFs)," in Proceedings of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, pp.