UCBGUniversity of California Botanical Garden (Berkeley, CA)
UCBGUnited Credit Belani Group (Kolkata, India)
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At UWBG and UCBG, few plants showing symptoms of turgor loss (limp or brittle stems and shriveled leaves) recovered when subsequently hydrated.
For example, at UCBG, high mortality rates occurred during the establishment phase in many taxa due to prolonged dormancy induced by persistently cold temperatures, low light availability, and short photoperiod in winter (House 1), and high temperatures/drying in summer (Propagation and Research houses).
Sources of material and success in establishment under greenhouse cultivation: UWBG = University of Washington Botany Greenhouse, UCBG = University of California Botanical Garden; UCB Lab = UC Berkeley laboratory; (+) = Cultivation success at the facility; (-) = cultivation failure at facility; (N/A) = Not applicable [i.