UCCLAUkrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
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C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (in partnership with the Clinton Initiative); ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability); UCCLA (Union of Capital Cities with Portuguese Language); UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments); Metropolis (World Association of the Major Metropolises); UCCI (Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities); foreign foundations, such as Rockefeller and Konrad Adenauer, and UN organizations, such as ONU-Habitat, PNUD, UNESCO, UNISDR and UNICEF (Prefeitura Rio de Janeiro, 2016).
Besides ICLEI, the city of Rio de Janeiro participates in transnational networks with the C40 Group of Great Cities for Climate Leadership, Cities and Local Governments, Solutions Network for Sustainable Development, UCCLA (Union of Capital Cities of the Portuguese language); Metropolis (World Association of Major Metropolises); UCCI (Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities); Foreign foundations such as the Rockefeller and the Konrad Adenauer as well as UN organizations such as the UN-Habitat, UNDP, UNESCO, UNISDR and UNICEF.