UCCRUnited Camps Conferences and Retreats (California)
UCCRUniform Campus Crime Report (various universities)
UCCRUrinary Cortisol/Creatinine Ratio
UCCRUpper Central Conserved Region (molecular biology)
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The UCCR values of the subjects by maternal smoking status are shown in Table 1.
The UCCR values of the subjects by indoor smoking status are shown in Table 2.
In Table 3, a comparison of the states of having infection by UCCR is shown.
The number of passive smokers who had a UCCR above 30 was 11 among 50 boys and 6 among 14 girls.
(18) specified a positive correlation between UCCR and the frequency of respiratory tract infection.
However, a significant difference was found in the UCCR. This finding indicates why the use of the UCCR instead of cotinine is more reliable in conditions where 24-hour urine cannot be collected in children (29).
In a study conducted with a total of 609 children with acute bronchiolitis and healthy children, UCCR values were found to be significantly higher in the children with bronchiolitis compared with the healthy children (31).