UCCSAUnited Congregational Church of Southern Africa (South Africa)
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In South Africa it was the government's Truth and Reconciliation Commission that initiated commemoration of Luthuli, while the UCCSA hardly participated, since it has no tradition or theology of commemorating the dead.
Within twenty four hours of union, UCCSA committed itself to seeking union with Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists.
The challenge was issued by President Mokgweetsi Masisi who February 24 had joined UCCSA members from Zambia, South Africa and Botswana to bid farewell outgoing Moshupa Reverend Derik Silwenga, a Zambian national.
Derek Silwenga of UCCSA applauded Ms Masisi for her passion towards the girl-child.
A local church of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) located at the Gaborone Main Mall close to the civic centre, Trinity was officially opened by founding president, Seretse Khama on November 6, 1966, just five weeks after Botswana was officially granted independence from Britain, becoming the first modern Christian church structure in the then-nascent capital.
Selebi Phikwe Kgaolo One - United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) held a fundraising dinner at Travellers Guest House in Selebi Phikwe on August 25.
A representative of UCCSA's Trinity Church in Gaborone, Ms Bontle Gaboutlwelwe described Mr Matlhabaphiri as man with integrity who was eager to serve the Lord with honesty through constant giving.
Five Broadhurst churches of UCCSA, Lutheran, Anglican, Spiritual Healing and Methodist on June 15 donated 150 sun screen lotions, 140 epimax body creams, t-shirts and 170 hats to the Albinism Society of Botswana (ASB).
Addressing the women fellowship, which comprises being United Congregational of Southern Africa (UCCSA), Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran and Spiritual Healing Church, Judge of Industrial Court Ms Annah Mathiba said by coming together, they remember the history of the women's fellowship in the community and the traditions they have created.
The UCCSA run Lephoi Centre was identified by officers as the most deserving institution.
Maun secondary is a mission school led by the UCCSA church in Botswana and the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and with that people expect the facility to display high moral standard and perform exceptionally well as there were pastors within the school who conduct services for students.
Christians gathered at the capital's oldest churches, including the Catholic Christ the King Cathedral, the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the Congregational (UCCSA) Trinity Church for the traditional Christmas day morning service.