UCDMUn Curso De Milagros (Spanish: A Course in Miracles; book)
UCDMUSIGS Conceptual Data Model
UCDMUser-Centered Design Methodology
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Studies have shown that there is typically a 25 per cent reduction in the Right of Way (RoW) when the UCDM, in conjunction with the USDM is used to design street layouts.
Mohamed Al Khadar, executive director of Development Review & Estidama, UPC, said: "The launch of the UCDM is another milestone for the UPC.
The UCDM will be added to our suite of planning policies, regulations, guidelines and manuals that drive our Complete Sustainable Communities initiative forward for the creation of more comfortable, liveable and sustainable communities.
The UCDM has been mandatory for all new infrastructure and community developments for the past two months, following approval from the Abu Dhabi Government, the official told Gulf News.
Nearly 600 planning professionals and developers have also been trained to comply with the UCDM.
Visitors can find out how the UCDM, in tandem with the Urban Street Design Manual and Public Realm Design Manual, will support the creation of more pleasant, walkable streets as part of this mandate.