UCDMCUniversity of California Davis Medical Center
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UCDMC applications include automated attendant, where incoming callers can direct their calls to a specific extension or department without the use of a human operator; telephone answering, where callers are directed to leave a message in an individual's mailbox if they are not available to take the call; and voice mail, so system subscribers can send and receive messages without needing to call each other directly.
Ruth Baldwin, manager of account services at UCDMC, experienced the benefits of voice processing first hand.
UCDMC's Family Practice and OBGYN Clinics use Octel Forms to renew prescriptions over the telephone.
At UCDMC 1,000 employee currently have and use voice mailboxes, and the center is adding mailboxes at a rate of 150 per month.
UCDMC emphasizes the messaging capability of voice processing--encouraging its employees and customers alike to utilize this communications tool to send or receive information in a timely and efficient way.
Schwartz, MS, RN, was the Perinatal Manager at UCDMC, Sacramento, CA.
Jones, MS, RN, is a Nurse Practitioner at the UCDMC OB/GYN Clinic, and was the UCDMC, Sacramento, CA, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist at the time of the study.
Pam Mooney, MSN, RN, is a Clinical Resource Nurse in Pediatrics at UCDMC, Sacramento, CA.
Joni Warwick, BSN, RN, is a Clinical Resource Nurse in the Special Care Nurseries at UCDMC, Sacramento, CA.