UCDPUniform Collateral Data Portal (electronic data portal)
UCDPUppsala Conflict Data Program (Uppsala University; Sweden)
UCDPUnited Christian Democratic Party (South Africa)
UCDPUniversal City Development Partners (Orlando, FL)
UCDPUniversity of Cincinnati Digital Press (Cincinnati, OH)
UCDPUrban Community Development Project
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2 For additional details on UCDP and the Fannie Mae proprietary appraisal-messaging and policies visit: UCDP
UCDP also facilitated communication between lenders and the GSEs, thus allowing lenders (and their valuation vendors) to correct or adjust troublesome data issues.
UCDP requires that one actor in a conflict be a state entity, while Ploughshares and HIIK allow for conflicts between non-state actors with political ends.
24 UCDP Release Notes (https://www.fanniemae.com/content/release_notes/ucdp-release-notes-11092013.pdf) let us know it's coming faster than most expected.
The GSEs announced that UCDP will be live on June 27, 2011.
Veros is the technology provider for UCDP and is responsible for building, maintaining and supporting the system.
They will not need to take the additional step of uploading the appraisal report themselves to the UCDP, as MIS has the ability to deliver it to both the client and the GSEs.
The platform will provide lenders with a link to the UCDP portal.
"Our success with integrating to the UCDP is due solely to our working with InHouse," Nancy Crocetto, senior vice president of operations with Weichert Financial Services, said in October.
BlitzDocs users will avoid any portal fees, as submission to the UCDP through Mercury Network is free via a direct connection to the UCDP.