UCHGUniversity College Hospital, Galway (Ireland)
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A post- mortem in UCHG in respect of the deceased will determine the outcome of that investigation.
She added: "Most of the attention focused on Patient A whose misdiagnosis in UCHG delayed her treatment.
Tests taken at Barringtons Hospital, a private clinic in Limerick, were sent to a lab at UCHG and the woman was told she did not have breast cancer.
Members of the fire crew administered CPR on the woman who was immediately taken by ambulance to UCHG.
It hopes it will be a "home-from-home" for those who come and stay while having radiation treatment at UCHG.
A spokesman for UCHG said his condition was still critical.
The move is intended to make the inside of UCHG a smoke-free environment in which patients, staff and visitors will be able to breathe clean air.
A spokesperson for UCHG said last night that the man's injuries were not life threatening and that he was in a comfortable condition.
Until today we had received no apology from the medical staff at UCHG.