UCICUnited Carton Industries Co. (est. 1990; Saudi Arabia)
UCICUniversity Circle Interactive, Cleveland (Ohio)
UCICUnione Colori Industrie Chimiche (Italian: Union Chemical Industries Ltd. Color)
UCICUnited Cambodian International Council
UCICUnited Coastal Insurance Company (New Britain, CT)
UCICUniversal Church in Search of Christ (Chicago, IL)
UCICUnlimited Connections International Corporation (Palatine, Illinois)
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MAN Diesel & Turbo is also responsible for building the 54 MW power plant near Jeddah, where five MAN 20V32/44 CR diesel engines provide electric energy for the new UCIC cement plant.
The story behind the story: UCIC is the creator of the voice-controlled Ubi smart device, and UbiSpeak reflects the company's experience with the "millions of interactions" consumers have had with that product, according to Grebler.
The central bank wants each bank customer to be allotted a UCIC to ensure they do not have multiple identities within a bank, across the banking system and across the financial system.
As the Executive Life debacle has shown a sharp light on the lack of accountability and consequences for mismanagement by the bureau, UCIC likewise shows the gross inefficiencies in the system as it has evolved over the decades.
As the fund's independent advisor, Fort Washington evaluates potential investments and makes recommendations to the UCIC board.
The analyzer uses the UCICs real-time computing capability to trigger on user-specified frequency or time-interval values.
UCIC is the packaging division of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group that operates in over 22 countries and has interests in sectors including dairy, snacks, edible oil, banking, commodities and hospitality.
UCIC was in control for all of the first half and reached the turn ahead by 10 points 35-25.
When the new superintendent, Ed Muhl, reviewed the stalemate in early 1995, he made an extraordinary decision: he appointed a special agent from outside the Liquidation Bureau to assess the financial status of UCIC and to handle the rehabilitation or liquidation of UCIC, whichever was warranted.
UCIC trailed in the first quarter but never lost composure and instead kept draining midrange shots to finally grab the lead with less than three minutes to play and get the victory.
The group, in turn, comprised the Lawrence Agency Group and the Lawrence Insurance Group, the latter including subsidiaries in the form of UCIC and what ultimately became known as United Republic Insurance.