UCKGUniversal Church of the Kingdom of God
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(26) Acknowledging their doubts and imperfections, Chinsapo Pentecostals exhibited 'considerable forbearance' (Englund 2007: 485); relationships persisted that would have dissolved in the face of the kind of pragmatic assessment that van Wyk describes taking place in the UCKG. The modest perspective on the capacity of the Christian in Chinsapo Pentecostal churches was like that implied by the theology of grace in the Pamtunda Baptist churches.
Further, the traditional Protestant churches do not trust the neo-Pentecostal branches, especially the UCKG. Recent corruption charges against the UCKG leadership reveal deep tensions and divides across denominations.
In small print, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God's newsletter had the disclaimer: "The UCKG Help Centre does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith.
UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort.
UCKG Pastor Ed Milson said: "By getting yourself checked regularly, high blood pressure can be identified and addressed
And it isn't just financial or advertising standards issues the UCKG has found itself in hot water over.
These are just some of the reasons why the UCKG draws suspicion--particularly from academic, journalistic and religious elites--nearly everywhere it travels.
The UCKG was also caught up in the alleged illegal adoption of babies in Portugal last year and a child abuse scandal in which an eight-year-old girl died in 2000 but was cleared of any wrongdoing.
VYG is the youth inistry of the Pentecostal church, UCKG which has a centre on Suffolk Queensway.
Founded in Brazil in 1977, UCKG hit the headlines in January after it performed an exorcism on London schoolgirl Anna Climbie, who had suffered months of abuse at the hands of a great-aunt who believed her niece was possessed by the devil.
The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has filed plans with Belfast City Council to establish a "place of worship" at Equality House in Donegall Pass.