UCLNUsed Car Loan Network
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Worthington will finance the first phase of the deal through the placement of a maximum of GBP450,000 (USD740,000/EUR569,000) of unsecured convertible loan notes (UCLN) with specialist investors.
Consequently, we used the GTR + [GAMMA] +1 as the model of evolution and performed the analyses using relaxed clock models with uncorrelated lognormal (UCLN) distribution, which account for rate variations across branches and do not assume a priori correlation between a lineage and its ancestor (Drummond & Rambaut, 2007).
Thus, Orites has extant species in Australia and southern South America, proposed crown group Tasmanian leaf fossils of early Oligocene age, and an estimated stem group age based on a UCLN (BEAST) analysis of molecular data of 34.9 million years [lower (Lb) and upper (Ub) bounds of 95 % confidence interval, 19.3 and 52 million years respectively; Sauquet et al., 2009a].