UCMRUnregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule
UCMRUpon Completion, Return To
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The first cycle, UCMR 1, published in 1999, covered 25 chemicals and one microorganism.
Costs for the five-year UCMR 2 will total approximately $42.1 million.
This review is the second one scheduled under the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 2).
The first review, UCMR 1, was published in 1999 and covered 25 chemicals and one microorganism.
EPA unregulated contaminant monitoring rule (UCMR), supplemented with monitoring data collected by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP), by the California Department of Health Services (CalDHS), and in Arizona and Texas (Brandhuber and Clark 2004).
The UCMR used analytic methods with a detection limit of 4 [micro]g/L (micrograms per liter are essentially the same as parts per billion), and drew four quarterly samples from each entry point to the distribution system (EPDS) for every CWS > 10,000 persons served in the United States.
The UCMR data reveal detectable amounts ([greater than or equal to] 4 [micro]g/L) in 1.9% of the samples taken.