UCNSUnited Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (est. 2003; St. Paul, MN)
UCNSUkrainian Catholic National Shrine (Washington, DC)
UCNSUniversity Computing and Networking Services
UCNSUniversity Cooperative Nursery School (Ithaca, NY)
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The possibilities for installing a UCN moderator at the ESS strongly depend on the layout of the target-moderator-reflector.
Applications, due by April 15, are available on the UCNS Web site (www.ucns.org).
It is a gravitational trap for UCN and at the same time it can be used as a differential gravitational spectrometer.
In addition, the group is reviewing applications from five other neurology subspecialties that are seeking to pursue accreditation and certification through UCNS. Officials at UCNS are keeping the names of the subspecialties that have applied for membership confidential until the process is complete.
From the results of the ONS method we may conclude that node splitting does not have to lead to an excessive number of copies and that CNS outperforms UCNS. UCNS can lead to an enormous amount of copies; the average percentage of growth in basic blocks is 241.7%, and in code size it is 235.5%.
According to a preliminary measurement of the UCN velocity spectrum [13], we expect the [v.sub.x] velocity along the beam to be distributed with a mean value of [v.sub.0] = 4 m/s and a standard deviation of 1.5 m/s.
The lifetime will be measured by observing the decay rate of a sample of ultracold neutrons (UCN) confined in vacuum in a magnetic trap.
These types of selectors may have a wide range of applications and can be built not only for neutron beams, but also for other experiments with UCNs, ultracold atoms, and antiatoms [16-19], in particular within the GBAR project with ultracold antihydrogen at CERN [20], as well as, probably, with positronium [21] and so forth.
To determine the optimal lowered trap depth for removal of practically all of the marginally trapped UCNs, one must understand the escape time distribution of UCNs.