UCODEUniversal Computer Code (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
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This is the world's first certification of a beacon for ucode Category 2(5) of ucode tags from TRON Forum, an organization dedicated to the standardization and promotion of core technologies for ubiquitous computing.
Units provide fully integrated support for Class 1, Class 0, Matrics' 0+ (read/write), ISO 18000-06B and Philips UCODE 1.19.
Three ultra-high-frequency RFID tag product families--the EPC Class 1 96-bit, the Class 0+ 256-bit, and the UCode EPC 1.19 256-bit--are available in a variety of tag sizes and radio frequency absorbency or reflectance.
Based on SAMSys' popular multi-protocol and multi-regional design, this board reader is designed to be incorporated into products requiring the ability to encode and read all of the most prevalent protocols in UHF tag design that exist today, including EPC Class 0/0+, EPC Class 1, ISO 18000-6A and -6B, Philips UCODE & EPC 1.19, Intermec Intellitag, EM 4022, 4222 and 4223, Atmel and others.
* Smartrac is extending its Rain RFID portfolio by launching new Belt inlays featuring UCode 8--NXP's recently introduced UCode 8 Rain RFID chip platform.
The utilized IC was NXP UCODE G2iL series RFID IC with a wake-up power of -18 dBm (15.8 [micro]W) that was provided by the manufacturer in a strap structure with 3 x 3 [mm.sup.2] pads.
By means of the new firmware the reader offers full support in all operating modes for the first available on the market UHF RFID transponders with AES encryption, the UCODE DNA from NXP.
In this study, all tags are designed via the CST Microwave Studio simulator [24] and using the IC chip NXP UCODE G2XL, where its input impedance is equal to 16.5 - j148.7[ohm] at 922.5MHz [25].
According to the company, the reference design, which utilises the AS399x UHF RFID Reader IC and the UCODE G2iL series, delivers low power consumption, low solution cost, low complexity and high level of integration.