UCOEUniversity College of Engineering (Punjab, India)
UCOEUbiquitous Chromatin Opening Element
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* Mammalian production cells, including GS SYSTEM, TM dhfr, sure system, TM UCOE, BI-HEX and Per.C6,0 and different types of cell lines, including various CHO cells, NSO, SP 2/0, BHK, Hybridoma and HEK 293
Based on their ownership structure, we classified the enterprises in out sample into eight types: (1) collective-owned township and village enterprises (COTVEs); (2) state-owned enterprises (SOEs); (3) share-holding enterprises (SHEs); (4) private enterprises (PEs); (5) joint venture firms (JVs); (6) urban collective-owned enterprises (UCOEs); (7) urban cooperative enterprises (UCEs); (8) urban other enterprises (UOEs).
SOEs and UCOEs should be less technically efficient than COTVEs; this was found by Murakami et al.
(8) They are joint ventures between domestic enterprises, which mostly involve SOEs and UCOEs (and do not involve TVEs).
COTVEs were also larger than UCOEs in terms of average capital and number of employees in the late 1990s, although smaller than SOEs.
Consequently, with the net work rate taken into account, COTVEs have very probably been more efficient technically even than JVs and SHEs, as well as SOEs, UCOEs and UCEs, in the late 1990s.
The discovery of regulatory genetic elements, such as ubiquitous chromatin opening elements (UCOEs) and Scaffold or Matrix Attachment Regions (S/MARs) completely revolutionized the field of cell line development.