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UCP3Uncoupling Protein 3
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Porcine UCP3 gene is located on chromosome 9p21-p24 with the full-length open reading frame of 927 bp, coding 308 amino acids [7, 8].
The uncoupling mechanism of ANT, along with UCP2 and UCP3, may be the exchange of protonated fatty acids from the mitochondrial intermembrane space for fatty acid anions in the matrix, thereby dissipating Ap [123, 137-139].
Interestingly, about 50% of SNPs were related to one specific circulating lipid, whereas only rs1685325 (UCP3) and rs894160 (PLIN1) were common among all lipids.
Harper, "Hexokinase II acts through UCP3 to suppress mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production and maintain aerobic respiration," Biochemical Journal, vol.
Genes de las proteinas desacopladoras (UCP1, UCP2, UCP3)
By contrast, we can see that the new items ucp3 and ucp4 differentiate more clearly.
Regulacao da expressao genica das UCP2 e UCP3 pela restricao energetica, jejum e exercicio fisico.
The mRNA of UCP3 is induced through cPPAR[alpha] and AMPK-PKA pathway [21].
Finally, TNF may stimulate activation of mRNA content to a protein UCP3, an important potential energy- dissipating biochemical pathway in skeletal muscles.
COPD results in a reduction in UCP3 long mRNA and UCP3 protein content in Types I and IIA skeletal muscle fibres.
The annealing temperature was lowered to 58 [degrees]C for ApoD and ApoAII genes and 55 [degrees]C for UCP3, UCP2, IRS-1, Ob-Rb, HSL, RxR, and LPL.