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UCPMBLiberation Army of Presevo, Medcedja, and Bujanovac
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(30.) The UCPMB later agreed, as a result of sustained mediation efforts by NATO, to demilitarize and demobilize by the end of May 2001.
He said this could involve, for the first time, talks between the ethnic Albanian Presovo-Medvedja-Bujanovic Liberation Army (UCPMB), and the authorities, "if the Albanian community considers terrorists their adequate representatives".
Five hundred metres away across the Serbian border, extremists known as the UCPMB run a training camp teaching a new generation how to kill.
The Council also heavily criticised the ethnic Albanian secessionist group UCPMB, and demanded that they cease the series of violent attacks that they launched in the area in November.
A fragile cease-fire seems to be holding, and talks are going on between Serb security forces and guerillas of the Presovo-Medvedja- Bujanovic Liberation Army (UCPMB), but violence could flare up at any time.
According to Serb and KFOR sources, violence began on 21 November, with a large-scale UCPMB attack on Serb police in the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ).