UCPOPUniversal Conditional Partial Order Planner
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Combining the Expressivity of UCPOP with the Efficiency of GRAPHPLAN.
UCPOP: A Sound and Complete Partial-Order Planner for ADL.
To cope with this issue, we borrowed an idea from the UCPOP language, namely, to specify explicitly the requirements a planner would have to satisfy to handle this domain, which explains the field (:requirements :adl) that appears in the domain definition.
A repository of problems was begun at Yale, using as a nucleus the repository developed by the UCPOP group at the University of Washington.
They then make a causal link analysis of each policy to produce partially ordered action sets from them using UCPOP. The flexibility in the partial order makes it easier to merge the component policies into a policy for the original reward function, again much as an SNLP-based planner such as ucPoP might merge subplans for individual goals.
UCPOP,: A Sound, Complete, Partial-Order Planner for ADL.
Causal link planners, for example, SNLP (McAllester and Rosenblitt 1991) and UCPOP (Penberthy and Weld 1992), have received less attention in recent years because they are out-performed by GRAPHPLAN and SATPLAN in most domains.