UCRAUpper Colorado River Authority (Texas)
UCRAUtah Court Reporters Association (West Jordan, UT)
UCRAUganda Community Relief Association (London, England, UK)
UCRAUniform Child Restraint Anchorage (car restraints)
UCRAUnited Community Resource Agency (Los Angeles, CA)
UCRAUnion City Redevelopment Agency (California)
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Binocular UCRA, DCRA, UCRS, and DCRS showed improvement from one week to 6 months postoperatively for all distances, with the improvement being significantly better for UCRA at 40 cm at the last visit (Table 4).
Since the 1959 amendment, California courts interpreted the UCRA "liberally" in an attempt to prevent arbitrary discrimination and promote equality.
California courts have often interpreted the UCRA in a manner consistent with the underlying legislative intent to ban all practices of discrimination by extending its coverage to certain forms of business establishments, and various types of services that must be rendered to patrons equally.
Preceding the 1959 amendment to the UCRA, the California Supreme Court confirmed that the Act protected classes other than the ones explicitly listed within its scripture.
The formulations of the far-field waveform s(t, [theta], [phi]) for the USA, RA, UCRA, and RNUCRA geometries are detailed in the next subsections.
And [a.sub.c] and [a.sub.nm] are the amplitudes for the central element and the nth antenna element in the ring m, respectively We also propose two synthesis cases: (1) a UCRA with equally spaced rings, null rotation angles, and disturbed exciting delays and (2) a RNUCRA with null disturbed exciting delays, nonuniform radii of the rings, and nonuniform rotation angles.
The content of this vector depends upon the TDTD antenna array geometry, that is, disturbed exciting delays for uniform geometries (USA and UCRA) and antenna positions for nonuniform geometries (RA and RNUCRA).
132 pages in length, The "New" Pan-Africanism - 2020: "United Continental Republic of Africa (UCRA)" is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the political science, political ideologies and democracy category.
Led by GM, these manufacturers have created an alternative known as UCRA. This system consists of two lower anchorages near the bight line (the meeting point of the seat back and cushion) and an upper tether anchorage.