UCSCUniversity of California, Santa Cruz (since 1965; Santa Cruz, California)
UCSCUniversity of South Carolina
UCSCUniversita Cattolica Sacro Cuore (Italian: Sacred Heart Catholic University)
UCSCUniversity of Colombo School of Computing (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
UCSCUniversity Code of Student Conduct (various schools)
UCSCUpper Coomera State College (Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia)
UCSCUniversity of Calgary Swim Club (Alberta, Canada)
UCSCUniversity Classified Staff Council (University of Texas Houston, Texas Medical Center)
UCSCUniversal Computer Source Code
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The UCSC Genome Browser project's relevant announcement
Parker is a Technology and Information Management major at UCSC's Stevenson College.
The UCSC students learned of the mining operations that happened at the Olympia site for more than 80 years.
The University of Washington and UCSC now participate in The RightCycle Program, as does the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) at the University of Illinois and Purdue University.
Gtex annotations in the UCSC database, obtained by RNA sequencing, report that the lncRNA is strongly expressed in the thyroid but weakly expressed in the spleen, testis, kidney cortex, and fallopian tube (Supplementary Figure S5) (http://bit.ly/ klhl14-as).
Our interest in Latin America, inspired by the news of revolutionary movements sprouting throughout the Americas, the connection with Cuba via the Venceremos Brigade, and the teachings of radical professors at UCSC led us to identify and support those struggles and guided our political consciousness from then on.
First author and UCSC graduate student James Guillochon (now an Einstein Fellow at Harvard University) and undergraduate Haik Manukian worked with Ramirez-Ruiz to run a series of detailed computer simulations of encounters between stars and black holes.
Data of complete genome sequences, "Genbank Refseq" gene annotations, and conservation information of each position were downloaded from the UCSC Archaeal Table Browser [11].
The distances between CpG methylation sites to transcription start sites were calculated by using the RMySQL package and the SQL database version of the UCSC genome browser (http://genome.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/hgGateway).
After being notified of the program through UCSC email and other promotions, 152 students registered for the free bulky trash pickup.