UCSTUpper Critical Solution Temperature (physical chemistry)
UCSTUnited Church Schools Trust (UK)
UCSTUkrainian Center for Simultaneous Translation
UCSTUmbilical Cord Separation Time
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Zhao, "A near-infrared light-responsive hybrid hydrogel based on UCST triblock copolymer and gold nanorods," Polymers, vol.
UCST, which also operates 11 private schools, was established in 1883 and its chairman is the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton.
For example, a system with an upper critical solution temperature (UCST), such as isobutyric acid (IBA) and water, had a sharp concentration gradient as did a system with a lower critical solution temperature, such as triethylamine and water.
The disclaimer strategy will typically name the surviving spouse as the primary beneficiary and the UCST as the secondary beneficiary of the retirement plan or IRA.
Hyperbranched/epoxy blends showed [11] complex phase diagrams with UCST behavior (Upper Critical Solution Temperature) at high temperatures and LCST (Lower Critical Solution Temperature) behavior at low temperatures.
It was shown that the hydrogen bonds between the protons of the epoxies and the carbonyl groups of the PCL led to a low critical solution temperature (LCST) phase diagram rather than an upper critical solution temperature (UCST) one.
[26], which could be not obtained by a simple melt mixing of immiscible polymer pairs only by the spinodal decomposition (under zero shear rate in mold) from a single-phase mixture attained (by upper critical solution temperature (UCST) depression or LCST elevation) in high shear fields in an injection machine.
The polymer structure, molecular weight, solubility parameter, etc., also play major roles in the varying polymer solubility that leads to upper critical solution temperature (UCST) or lower critical solution temperature (LCST).
The low-molecular-weight epoxy DGEBA 164 is soluble in PS at temperatures above 120[degrees]C and presents an upper critical separation temperature type phase diagram (UCST) (19, 20).
(5) studied the phase behavior of a polystyrene/polyisoprene blend with an upper critical solution temperature (UCST) in the presence of scC[O.sub.2].
(18) have also investigated the phase boundaries, UCST, and LCST in blends containing a homopolymer and a copolymer such as poly(methyl methacrylatestyrene), which in certain ways is similar to ternary blends containing three homopolymers.